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Essay Hacker welcomes you and hopes it can provide everything you need in terms of essay writing tips! If academic writing is a challenge for you, well, it won’t be from now on. The Essay Hacker team is ready to share practical knowledge and serviceable advice on paper writing right now. 

When we went to college, we wanted help but couldn’t get it. Well, it was long ago, and not all of us had devices to search for helpful essay hacks. Gladly, the era of information now allows us to assist every student with advice that will get them the best mark. 

We know that college should be fun. We also know it is often far from being like that. We have lacked sleep because of tons of essays and research papers. We were anxious because there were too many papers to submit. After our academic journey, we started assisting students. And now we want you and other students to have assistance for free. 

Thus, we systematically update this blog that provides: 

  • Profitable essay writing hacks; 
  • Unchallenging guides to specific essay genres; 
  • Advisory content on how to avoid common mistakes in academic writing; 
  • General information about principles of academic writing; 
  • Articles on how to ace whole essays or their specific parts; 
  • Essential components every academic paper requires; 
  • Tips on how to ace every possible paper! 

After years of experience, there is no academic paper we don’t know about. For real, we have written every possible academic paper. We’ve done it starting from common essays and finishing with dissertations. Now, our writing mastery allows us to create all-embracing, versatile guides you can use for different essay cases. 

Still, if there is something specific you lack, don’t be shy to ask us for extra research! We will be only happy if we elucidate something new for you. Moreover, given the volatility of academic standards, we learn the specifics of the college world every day anyway. So, no matter what you request in the comment section, we will be glad to conduct extra research about it. 

Of course, we are not asking you for a single penny. The engine of our activity is based on the desire to share knowledge with students who deserve it. And, spoiler: every student deserves advisory assistance. Thus, writing about essay hacks and tips is our pleasure. And it will be only better if we know that it helps you and other future professionals. 

Use our blog whenever you want and how you want. Its existence is about making your essay writing better. And we hope that every hack we post here will be advantageous for you!