6 Elements of a Good Essay from a Writing Service

If you’ve never used an essay writing service before, you might be unsure of what constitutes excellent academic work. To be honest, such papers need a greater amount of effort than you may expect in your freshman year. Students may believe that an essay is a brief piece of writing including a personal anecdote. Essay writing, on the other hand, is far from that. Some scholarly articles need more study. And all essays require a set of components in order to receive the highest possible grade.

These components are: 

  • uniqueness;
  • correspondence of idea to thematic; 
  • conformity of design and formatting; 
  • precise structuring; 
  • literacy without flaws; 
  • holistic elucidation of the topic.

Now we will take a look at how it all should be, so you know what you are asking for when using an essay writing service. And if you see any inconsistency, you should ask for revisions until your essay writer does their best for you. 

Uniqueness Is Vital 

When your professor asks for an essay, it won’t matter if it’s a creative one (like personal essays) or a strict one (like analytical). You will have to express your vision of the topic in any case. And given that your personality is one and only in this Universe, your idea has to be distinctive. Sure thing, it’s a challenge to write something of 100% originality when so many people before you have spoken and written too. But your essay writer must take your idea seriously and make the most of it. 

By the way, if you get a plagiarism check result and see that your paper contains like 2-8% of copied content, it’s okay. Every student has the right to have up to 10% of “plagiarism” in their paper. Mostly, that happens because of the quotes from other authors’ research papers that back the idea up. If your essay writer does the citations properly, there won’t be an issue. And phrases like “The results show” are not a rarity too. Still, the paper must be at least 90% unique. 

There Must Be Correspondence of Idea to Thematic

If you write an essay, you must develop the central concept. If you let an essay writer do this work, they will still have to do it. Unfortunately, there is no universal solution to this task as every essay has its specifics. But like, you can’t talk about your personal experience of traveling to another country when this is not the topic. 

Conformity Of Design and Formatting Is Obligatory 

Every academic paper has its standards for design. You can’t write an essay with a weird font even if it’s pretty (unfortunately). And you shouldn’t cheat by writing with double-space when your professor asks for a single-spaced paper. Understandably, your essay writer should pay attention to that too. Be sure that you mentioned these small details in your order form to avoid inaccuracies. 

If we’re talking about formatting, there are 3 main styles, which are: 

APA (stands for American Psychological Association. Usually, it’s in the papers of students who are going to be sociologists, psychologists, medics, and so on); 

MLA (Modern Language Association. It’s for papers of students who study art and languages);

CMS (Chicago Manual of Style. This formatting is for papers of students who study literature, history, arts as well).

You have to make it clear with your professor which style they anticipate you to use. And if you ask for help from an essay writing service, you should compare their formatting with the standards. Of course, one of the best writing services will have no problems with formatting. Yet, some companies that only mimic professionalism might fail you. 

Structuring Is Not a Secondary Thing 

You will often get limitations for essay writing. For instance, your professor may ask you to write an essay in 582 words. You can’t use more or less words. Or they can ask you for a 3-page paper. Whatever your assignment is, it now becomes an exercise to train your usage of words. 

With this, you (or your essay writer) must write:

  • a compelling headline that corresponds to the text; 
  • a clear introduction;
  • three or more paragraphs that have a harmonious connection; 
  • a profound conclusion that won’t repeat what’s there in the body text or bring in extra ideas that need elucidation. 

So, when you re-read the text by an essay writing service, make sure there are no acute “jumps” from one thought to another. 

Literacy Must Be Ideal 

It’s understandable. The grammar and the vocabulary must be just right. Lexical, semantic, and other mistakes might happen, of course. But they all should vanish after editing by your essay writer. Of course, if there is one small typo, it’s fine. Sometimes that happens. Moreover, imagine writing a 4-page paper in 2 hours to save time for checks, editing, and delivery. Still, literacy is vital here, and your essay writer must speak English fluently. 

Disclosure Of the Details to Manage Full Coverage of The Topic 

When you get your paper from an essay writing service, it’s better to read it asking extra questions in the meanwhile. If after reading the paper you can retell what this paper is about, then everything is fine. So, there must be clear answers to the question your readers need a solution to. 

By The Way About Extra Requirements 

If you instructed your essay writer with something additional, check on the implementation of that too. It doesn’t matter what you want in your paper. Your assistant must carry out every order in the instructions. 

In Conclusion 

If you are going to use an essay writing service for the first time, be careful when checking what it does for you. You can never be too careful when estimating the work of your essay writer. When you have more experience, of course, you may ignore re-checking. 

Pay attention to all the listed things and never underestimate your requirements. And if you want your paper to be better, ask for revisions until your essay becomes what you want.